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I still remember the days when Czechoslovakia was the most famous «homeland» of real crystal. Czechoslovakia is no longer there, and the very Bohemian crystal is on the site And they still buy it to leave an unusually beautiful memory of the now Czech Republic.

The only question is whether you can identify real crystal. It will be a pity if you spend a lot of money on a fake. I will write about how to choose the right crystal below. In the meantime, information for the younger generation, which may not understand such delight of the elders.

What is the value of Bohemia crystal

It so happened that Bohemian crystal was ahead of the famous Venetian glass in its popularity and quality. When produced only at Czech enterprises, they include rare additives, which give the crystal its properties: perfect transparency, extraordinary ringing and high strength. And also crystal products are distinguished by special processing. Take a chandelier, for example. The crystal elements of such a chandelier are specially cut like diamonds. The light emanating from them «plays» in the interior in a special way.

Distinguishing real crystal from glass

1. Although this is not a food product, where we are already accustomed to reading the composition, but here it is also important. Therefore, read the label carefully. Pay attention to the composition of the lead in the product. High quality crystal contains at least 24% of this substance. You can also find lower lead content. Then it will also be crystal, just the quality is worse. But the presence of lead less than 4% indicates that this is ordinary glass.

2. Carefully lift the item you like. Let your life experience serve you. Estimate by weight. Crystal will always be heavier than glass.

3. Now look at the skylight. Crystal is always perfectly transparent and clean, without any inclusions. Also, glass will not show you the multi-colored refraction of light. And in the crystal you should see a «rainbow».

4. Finally, listen to the magic song of the crystal. The characteristic crystal ringing will last for at least 4 seconds.